XstreamRadio is one of the most extensive radio players of this moment. Besides listening to your favorite radio stations it also allows you to record music.
This player contains more than 1.000 international pre-programmed radio stations, to which you can leisurely listen while working on your PC. With the integrated MP3 recorder you can easily record music or your favorite program from the station of your choice.
Besides being a radio player, XstreamRadio contains useful facilities for browsing the net. Did we already mention all this comes in a small 3 MB package and is totally for FREE?

01-28-2007 Updated radio list

07-26-2006 WMP11 compatible

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XstreamRadio contains more than 1.000 international high quality radio stations that are categorized per country and daily updated

XstreamRadio contains a integrated MP3 recorder with a timer function that allows you to record your favorite music and radio programs easily

XstreamRadio contains a news ticker that keeps you always up to date with the latest news on your favorite topics

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